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Awareness and Equality!

How many black women at the fore front of coffee business do you know?

How many black women roast masters do you know?

How many black women baristas do you know?

Very few hands rose in response. And with these simple questions, Gisele Coutinho (@puracaffeina) impacted the more than 600 participants of the IWCA's breakfast in SIC (International Coffee Week) 2018. Planting a seed for a more critical view of people, since most of Brazil's population is composed of black people and so few have the recognition and opportunity they deserve.

Today, November 20th, when the Day of Black Consciousness is celebrated in Brazil, it is time to reflect. Each and every one can play its part in building an increasingly egalitarian society, so that one day, race and gender, will not be a differential.

There is still a long way to go to reach racial equality. In this journey, we are inspired by incredible women who have excelled in different areas. We recognize and applaud their strength, courage, determination and love.

In celebration of one of these great women, raising the banner of coffee, women and racial equality, we created the Phyllis scarf.

The person who is celebrated is Phyllis Johnson. Afro-American, president of BD Imports, a company that imports and distributes coffees in the USA. Phyllis travels the world in search of the best coffees. She works directly with producers from many countries, especially in Africa, bringing business, prosperity and improving the lives of the continent's coffee women. Recently, Phyllis was in Brazil, participating in the International Coffee Week in Belo Horizonte. In addition to doing business, bringing Brazilian coffee abroad, Phyllis made many friendships and shone with her sympathy. It is not by chance that the scarf Phyllis is a success. With its vibrant colors, coffee motives and African patterns, we seek to reflect this incredible woman's personality!

A meeting of great women in Sic 2018. From left to right: Panamanian barista Leeloh; Gisele Coutinho @ puracaffeina; Phyllis Johnson - BD Imports; Daiane Vital, rural worker - IWCA Mantiqueira.

Phyllis Johnson generously shared with us the very rich article she wrote about the strength of black in the coffee world. We share here:

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